About us


The Lion’s Paw opened its doors in 2015 and was the realisation of my childhood dream to run a gift shop.


Most gift shops are the same. They go to the same places in the UK to buy the same things as each other.


The Lion’s Paw is different.  Our products are sourced from around the world.  We don’t just buy things which are made in other countries, we actually go to France, Germany and the USA to see what they have got to offer and what generally doesn’t find its way to the UK. Countries keep the best things for themselves! - so we go and find them and bring them back to Bridge of Weir.


The second rule we break at Lion’s Paw is that we don’t keep stocking winners.  If something sells really well we might buy a little bit more but then we stop and move on to something else. Who wants to go into a store and find the same stuff as last year?  I don’t so why should you.


The Lion’s Paw - interesting and different gifts from around the world.


Alison xx